Chatham count sits in the heart of north carolina. The deep chatham woods set near the eastern end of the county. Those legendery forest are filed with legend. To this day no one lives there. But some once did. The ruins of 3 200 year old houses remain hidden deep in the small forest, thuogh only one is thuoght to be haunted. It is the least deepest into the forest of the ruins. Two ghost are said to haunted, the ghost of a man in the chimmny and the ghost of a women in the well. The ghost are not the only mysteries of the chatham woods, some who entered the woods calmed to have ment the famus bigfoot as well as a more strange beast, a ghost not is pure wite with a humen head and torso yet no arms or legs

how to get there Edit

The chatham woods is not fear from the town of pittsboro. The chatham woods are within jordan lake state park the best way to make it there is alone big woods room as if moving ether twords or away from pittsboro.