The Black Hope Cemetery is an old burial ground where slaves were laid to rest for generations. Unfortunately, residences in this Newport area were built over this old cemetery, making the spirits of these slaves restless. Stories of these poltergeist-style hauntings were outlined in various articles throughout the 1980s in the local and national newspapers. A number of residents of the subdivision on Hilltop Drive reported what they considered "evil" activity, including apparitions and much worse phenomena. One particular family described some of the horrible phenomena that took place in their home. Ben and Jean Williams became unnerved when they discovered ants colonizing their dishwasher. While this event was odd, it was only the beginning. Their toilets would flush on their own, objects would move on their own, pets would act crazy, birds would appear to attack them, and worst of all, their friends and other local residents would grow sick of diseases that ended up fatal. Residents all confirm sighting the ghosts and shadows throughout the neighborhood and in homes. Ben and Jean eventually wrote a book titled The Black Hope Horror about their experiences. A TV movie titled Grave Secrets was created in 1992 based on the events in this community. Countless residents have fled their homes after realizing what living in this Hilltop community entails.